Join us on a Sunday arvo as we transcend onto cloud wine with a glass of viino and a new tasting tones mix. 
This is a free, online mix series available via soundcloud.
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Designed as a soundtrack for you to sip along to, something to put on in the background of a dinner party or an afternoon relaxing in the sun. We wanted an online space that paid homage to some of our favourite smooth and lazy tunes. 

Each one is specially blended by some of Melbourne finest selectors and within the mix, there’ll be a unique discount code for you to use on our online store www.viino.com.au. This code will give you 10% off on any viino products and will be active for 24 hours.

So pour yourself a glass of viino, sit back, relax and enjoy these sweet tasting tones......



Voiced by Ellie Mitchell.